Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Winter is back... again!

Last weekend brought Utah more snow.  I’m happy for many reasons that the season has finally kicked in.  It’s nice to get the turns in now.  Plus, it means less drought this summer. Win win.  

This is my favorite drop in Rock Gardens.  You creep out into the rock face that is skiers left of the main chute.  Then you get this lined up.  It’s about an 8-10’ drop into a mini chite that then dumps into the main chute.  I was able to chomp off on it twice with no other tracks around.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

16" of Freshies for Presidents Day 2018

Edan and I woke early to get up the canyon before it was too late.  With the increasing traffic at Brighton, this means leaving Salt Lake no later than 7:30.  We did and the snow was fresh. 

**Please excuse the Dad editing skills

Monday, February 12, 2018

Evergreen Shred

At least here in Utah, the snow has been sparse.  Brighton stands at about 160” for the year with the Milly bowl yet to open.  With the lack of snow, a bunch of rock features are exposed making for a unique terrain park.  Yesterday we got about 2" of fresh and ended up lapping Evergreen the whole day.  He are a few friends of the farm sending it.

Edan Fletcher about to be pummeled, while John Blume looks onward.  Some how he came down to his feet, but didn't ride it out.

Eli Hays high speeding off a rock bump

Corinne Pasela sending off a block of ice.

Monday, November 27, 2017


Over Thanksgiving Ben Farrell and I met up with the rest of our family on Cape Cod.  It was a special gathering as I met his son Wendall (Wendy).  I sense much adventure in him, kind of like his dad.  Yesterday I took a few runs with Torrey and we chatted Ravens and Animal Farm for a minute.  Maybe it is time to restart this blog.  I miss seeing my friends (we live in different places) and this blog helps keep us together.  I hope everyone's season's start with a pow bang.  -Rich

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Torrey Lyons FULL PART!!!!!!

Torrey Lyons from John Blume on Vimeo.
Just found this and it is gold! Nice job Torrey you da you da best.