Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Day at Raging Buffalo!

Today was my first day riding at the glorious Raging Buffalo. I woke up to find this on my front porch, a good sign I thought:

After a mellow drive I showed up in the parking lot:

I picked up my season pass, and complimentary hat that smells like patchouli. I've been wearing it since I left.

No pics from the hill though. I don't like to be bogged down by cameras in my pockets. Although you can imagine a sled hill with sketchy boxes and rails on it, and you get the general idea. Add in a bunch of people eating it on the rope tow, and a bunch of kids that are better at rails than I am and that's about it. After my forearms and fingers gave out (holding onto a rope tow for 50 runs is really difficult) I headed home, but not before a quick stop for some much needed sustenance.

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  1. Nice. We went and setup that spot that you, me and Ben L found last year. it was fun.