Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beko 2010 Nose Cover - No More Rudolph Nose

This is a product review.

If you are like me, there are many days where sporting a pair of shades on hill makes perfect sense.  It's sunny out, goggles feel claustrophobic, sunglasses are just cool are just a few of the great reasons to rock shades.  Just as with the embraced and yet shunned goggle tan, sunglasses carry their own burden of what I like to call "Rudolph Nose."  This cherry red treat is common with shades, as your nose sticks out further than the rest of your face, thus soaking up the most rays.  Even with copious application of sunblock, this always seems to be the first place to get burned.  At least for me.
This all led to a recent google search.  Someone out there must have some kind of a solution for this.  I did think of Glacier glasses, but I was looking for more of an accessory to wear shades I already loved.  Then bam, meet the Beko.  This thing is basically a soft, leatherish flap that velcros onto your shades giving you ample sun coverage from above.  While it does protect from below, it should do the job is ridding yourself of a Rudolph.

Comfort level: 8.2
Looks: Geeky in a clever way
Price: Under $10

I haven't tried this in the wind yet, but it seems like it should hold well.  This would be a wise pickup for any sun warrior who fancies their nose burn free.

Here is their site, if you want one for yourself.  They even have camo.


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