Thursday, January 3, 2013

Read This Farmers!

Dearest Farmers,

I don't know who still keeps up on this thing. I probably check it more than most since I am marooned in Chicago with icy rope-tow parks and very few boarding buddies. I just finished reading this NYT article Snow Fall (click here!) about an avalanche in Stevens Pass that killed three people. Everyone in the group was better than and more experienced than we are. If you have an hour to spare I would highly recommend reading it, and if you don't have that long you can watch the mini-documentary that was made to accompany the article here (click!). I hope to be boarding with all of you well into our later years, and this article has made me promise myself that if I end up living somewhere with backcountry access in the future, then I will take steps to be more careful and educated.

Can't wait til 2020.


P.S. The Bens, call me and let me know what your situation is in Baker, I want to come!

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