Thursday, January 7, 2010

Animal Farm is for lovers and scholars?

Another good day at work.

wyatt: hi, i recently recieved a email from you guys that said "you could help me with ANY question wheather its gear, prices or just trying to figure out the meaning of life" so i need help with writing my paper on daoism for global heritage, this isnt a joke, im finishing my last freebank of the day, and i have untill 2:15 to print up & hand in my paper to my teacher, the assignment was to creat an imaginary school pamflit about a school that teaches daoism, it needs a sloor plan, a mission statement, and a set of rules, any help would be greatly appretiated, and this is my last resort, think you could help me out?
wyatt: freebank*
wyatt: i mean
wyatt: freeband
Ben L.: Unfortunately writing papers and taking tests that are set to rules is why I did not attend college.
Ben L.: But let's see what we can do.
wyatt: thanks a lot man
Ben L.: You have nothing started?
wyatt: i started the floorplan
Ben L.: Ok.
Ben L.: First of all give me the exact definition of daoism you are working with.
wyatt: daoism is a way of living where you follow you own "dao" which is your journey, and you do whatever makes you happiest, as long as it is not intrfearing with anyone elses "dao"
wyatt: that all i have to work with
Ben L.: Well that sounds just great.
Ben L.: Who doesn't want that.
wyatt: ya man, thats what i was thinkin
Ben L.: All you gotta do is write up a school plan that can budget for multiple teachers per classroom that can specifically focus on different groups of students with in the classroom allowing the kids to explain themselves and grow upon their own feelings and wants.
Ben L.: Now kids are a bit too young to fully grasp this idea but with a little guidance, and I say guidance not teaching they may have their feelings directed in a more positive and useful way for their own life and others.
Ben L.: So basically these kids will be taught the basic facts of math, reading, writing, science etc. but they will also have a large portion of their day dedicated to developing ideas for a healthy life that is fitting to the individual.
wyatt: wow man, thantks a lot
Ben L.: No problem, does that help a little?
wyatt: ya it helps a lot
Ben L.: Sweet now get that written up, get it in on time and get yourself an A.
wyatt: kk, see ya man
Ben L.: Have a good one.

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