Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday on the Job.

Geir: ?
Ben L.: Oh Pineapples.
Geir: im like soooooo hungry
Ben L.: Got it.
Ben L.: No man no fruit here,.
Ben L.: Grocery store maybe?
Geir: :(
Geir: hmm can you recommend one?
Ben L.: Fruitstands are best though, real fresh.
Geir: oh ok, where in Siberia can i find this "Fruitstands"
Ben L.: Down on highway 61.
Geir: hmm i dont have a car, but do a moose do the trick?
Ben L.: Hard to catch, a horse would be a better bet or you know a bike.
Geir: well if you give me the ingrediens to a bike, i can maybe build it
Geir: around where i live i got 2 big stones, a little lake, 4 dead squirrels and a old lady
Geir: what you think
Ben L.: You should just go swimming in the lake, that sounds fun.
Geir: well the lake is frozen
Ben L.: Hmm, ice skate?
Ben L.: Stone for a puck, old lady as goalie and I'm sure there are some sticks around to play hockey with.
Ben L.: You got yourself a great afternoon planned.
Ben L.: No need to thank me.

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