Friday, February 19, 2010

East Coastin'

Mark Dangler, Ben Littler, Matty Mo, Ted Borland, and I virtually watched the wonders of mother nature slam into the mid atlantic and east coast region the past two weeks. We wanted to watch first hand, so we got in my car and headed east.

We have made it. It took 28 hours give or take to reach our first stop lasting longer than 10 minutes, but we persevered. 

5 guys in one Jetta station wagon, for 1,850 miles is what some may call uncomfortable. Well, I'm not saying it wasn't but we did it. New York state welcomed us with open arms. Shannon, a friend of Marks put us up. It wasn't just floor space, there were extra couches and mattresses available! Breakfast the next morning and we were off to do what we came this far to do, BOARD! 

Well, this is were the story pauses for now. Here are some photos from the drive.

Thank you so very much Shannon for your hospitality, and graciousness!

Route 80, Utah. 1,800 miles to go.
Yup. 1 driver, 1 navigator, 3 passengers in the back. Not scared.
Must still be the beginning, still excited to be in the car with 5 guys.
Matty makes those wind mills look good!
Setting sun, end of a day, beginning of a long night.
We got hooked up with some serious Honest Tea and Honest Ade. Thanks a whole heap Corbett!
Ben loves our beautiful country, especially sitting along side two other gentlemen.

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  1. Bring back a ton of footy and lots of stories about babes. I want to be extra jealous when you guys get back.