Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We had a good day.

Bens Day Out. from Ben Farrell on Vimeo.

Tuesday was a great day! It was warm and sunny and Denny's was serving free grand slams. Two pancakes, two eggs, two bacon strips and two terribly disgusting pieces of sausage. Ben doesn't eat meat so I scored four bacon strips. Whatup! After breakfast we made our way down to 9th and 9th for a little push scootin action. Empty park and no snow, I like it when it's warm in the city. Anyways it was the first day back skating so we were a little rusty but we prevailed and dropped hammers. The battery died so we weren't able to document the rest of the day but I'll inform you so you can feel as though you were there. Skating tired our little hearts and legs out so we napped. I woke up just in time for sunset so that was a nice little surprise. Ben worked because you know, we all gotta eat but when he got home eat we did. Free horchata on Tuesdays at Albertos plus the most bangin' burritos in the city. Yeah I said it, better than Molca. We devoured our food and got ourselves over to Sean, Josh and Rich's humble abode to drink whiskey with our friends. As if the day couldn't get any better, VFW serves 75 cent drafts every Tuesday so you know we made our way over there to indulge. Dancing and drinking ensued and fun was had all around. With good friends and beautiful days life could not possibly be happier!

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