Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Josh

It's Josh's birthday, I know he hates them so I'll keep it short. Josh is one of the main reasons Animal Farm exists. He is a founder of the farm and a huge creative influence. So thank him next time you see him out for all the joy Animal Farm brings to your life.
I met Josh two years ago directly out of the car from my drive across the country. We rode rail gardens on a pow day (the canyon was closed, don't hate) but the next day Josh showed me how goddamn fun riding in Utah is. Very first day riding was bluebird and waist deep. First run ever at Brighton I followed Josh across the traverse on Milly then into Mary's. I had never ridden anything like that in my life but Josh was confident so I stuck by him. Needless to say this was a real good start to our friendship. Now over two years later I have experienced a lot with Josh and feel very lucky to call him my friend. Here are some high lights. I've ridden Milly on the deepest day of the year drunk, gone to many a hot springs, seen him steal a cat statue from a party, almost got killed on my bike, seen a wolf spider climb his leg, watched his progression in skating and lived homeless with him this fall. 
I love riding with Josh because he has a great eye for lines or tranny finders or any other kind of weird feature to have fun on. He's a real good guy and a real good friend so if you see him today wish him a happy birthday, hopefully he'll smile. From everyone at The Farm we love you Josh.

Also check out Josh's site. Click Here.

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