Friday, April 2, 2010

April doesn't mean it's over.

Though the city of Salt Lake looked more like spring this morning, with the sun breaking through the clouds and what snow was left dripping off the roofs. A region we were lucky enough to come across earlier this season has kept he white stuff, holding onto the storm that blew through the valley this past week.

Remember it's April second, and 50 degrees. each shovel full, or snow ball turned into slush as we set up the spot. The landing was a muddy pie, but Torrey and Mr. Little gave it their best shot. Some photo evidence.

This is April 2nd in Utah. I hear it's in the 80's in Upstate New York.

Fire cracker evidence...

Are you even sane!?

And someone did a no no on his pants. And liked it.

April doesn't mean it's over, nope not here, not Animal Farm.

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