Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Rich Wheeler

I've known Rich since I was born, reason being, he is my cousin. I know him well, and I'm happy to say he is one of my very best friends. Rich is a wonderfully caring and outstanding human being. He is always looking out for the ones he cares about, and isn't hesitant to surprise them when they least expect it; putting some joy in their life. He knows how to have a great time in whatever it is he's doing.
Rich is always on the look out for a deal, a trait I think comes from our grandfather. When you have a business question or you'd like advise on running or starting up a little business venture, Rich is the guy to talk to. He knows his stuff. He is the guy be behind the scenes, and also the TM at Animal Farm, I know I wouldn't want to see anyone other than him in that position. Well it's your day Rich, I just wanted to say I love you, and I know I speak for all at the Farm here as well when I say, thank you for all your kind gestures and support always! Happy Birthday Rich!!

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