Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Week Left.

One week left here in Utah. One week for lift serviced riding at Brighton that is. There is still plenty of snow up in the mountains, and being from the east coast where you ride until you have to pond skim, and grass ride to the lifts, it seems strange that they are closing with this much snow. It snowed 97 inches last week!

It's been a great season and I want to thank Ben, Ben, Rich, Sean, Mark, and Torrey for keeping me excited and motivated to keep going up even when the conditions weren't so great, and for waking me up when they were.

Thanks to the Dinobots kids too for being so down to ride with anyone and have fun on anything no matter what.

Thanks to the Variety Pack dudes for doing the same, and also for making a video of death defying feats that I can live vicariously through.

I hope to see all of you fools up at Brighton this week gettin loose!

On another note I also would like to suggest a meeting of all the crews, friends, buddies, and whoever else wants to come up to an undisclosed location for a post-season rhythm section extravaganza! Date to be determined, but a few weeks sounds about right. Just think what 20-30 people with shovels, determination, creativity, and a little bit of PBR in 'em could do in a few day's worth of work up in the leftover snow!


  1. You didn't have to post that silly picture of me pond skimming Josh. I'm alittle embarrassed. But I think rhythm section sounds great! even if I can't get crazy, I'll be there!

    And thank you for helping me see lines I wouldn't have seen and pushing me to really ride my snowboard, in the powder, and all around!

  2. I'm not sure if I snowboard anymore but I still love to shovel! woo-hoo!

  3. Animal Farm fo life. lets do dat shit. make the sweetest spot ever