Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Benjamin Littler!

It's Ben's Birthday today! Being my best friend, and having grown up with him I can say I know him quite well. He is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know. If you see him and he doesn't have a smile on his face or isn't enjoying himself consider yourself lucky because this is an extremely rare occurrence. To say the least the kid is one of the happiest people I have ever been around. He's able to make life meaningful, but not serious, making it a pleasure to be around him. On top of that he is a respectful gentleman.
Ben has done much and lived in many places. He made it through a year in Hollywood, CA at film school, he's traveled back and forth across our fine country numerous times; from Utah, to Washington, and up and down the pacific coast. He has made many great videos and is extremely talented with his words. I am a lucky soul to have been exposed to some of his greatness. Ben puts himself in positions to make his life an adventure. Living meagerly, and enjoying everyday he has is one of the many things I love about Ben! Having lived with him for 3 years now, I can say with a passion, I love you Ben, we all do here at the Farm! Happy Birthday my friend!!

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