Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Great Days.

Picking up my sister from the airport this past friday night, I thought "Awesome, Courtney's here for a bit, my birthday is coming up quick, it'll be great!" Little did I know...

Saturday began with some boardin', snow was beginning to fall.
Laker's came to Energy Solutions Areana... and lost.

Sunday, wake up, check the avalanche report/snow report, 36 inches in the past 24 hrs. serious snow... Head to Brighton. Snow all day, and hard.

Monday, birthday, tired from the day before, even more snow around 40-50 all said and done. Brighton again. Get home and relax, fire in the hearth, and 21st birthday stuff. Trampled by Turtles was playing at the Urban Lounge and did not dissapoint! Same car from the day before. Still buried. Myself, snowy beard.
Courtney, first visit to Utah. Will the snow bring her back?
Rich pondering. He's a thinker.
Pleasant lift rides all day long, to accompany the wondrous snow.

Thank you all for a great few days! Thanks sis for coming to visit!!

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