Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Torrey

It's Torrey's Birthday today! He's getting manlier and hairier than ever. You should see his beard! I met Torrey just over a year ago at a video premiere he and a few of my friends were in. He was carrying a back pack full of beers and without even asking my name began sharing. We slammed beers in the bathroom and scared little kids and it was the best introduction I have ever had.
Now I am living with Torrey and proud to call him my friend.
Torrey moved out here this year to board and is already loving Utah. Logging shots through the cold nights and washing dishes by day. He loves his Dew and rides boards that can't catch edges. He's a good guy that is always down to drink whiskey with me and skates like a champ.

Check out his interview on snowrev.

And also check out Torrey and Ricky in this video from a two seasons ago.

From myself and everyone on The Farm Happy Birthday Torrey we love you!

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