Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I arrived in New York last night to find Labrador Mountain was opening in the morning. A phone call to Noah, (a member of the Farm who'll be spending the winter months back east) and it was decided; we must be there bright and early. 
A quick drive through the rolling hills dusted with crisp white snow and we arrived. Snow guns a blasting, and many  familiar faces greeted our arrival. With two runs open and no rails set up, we created what you'll see below. 

Boardin' with Noah always gets the juices flowing.

Juicy boogies form a snake like trail when it's a high of 16 degrees.

Noah stood here in this position for a while until the sun came through the grey cloud cover, can't beat ending the day in some sweet sunshine.

Open until close. Not quite, but close enough. Watch the moving pictures below. I swear you'll be impressed.
I was.